With the dawn of the twenty-first century we see a new classical music that has undergone an important evolution—from academia to “the street.”  This new classical music has slowly broken free of its academic, Euro-centric, “Modern” style approach, and is coming to grips with the dynamic, ever-changing, popular culture media environment in which we all live.

Various names or terms have emerged for this new direction, “avant pop” or "new classical" being favored by an increasing number of people.  Whatever it’s called, new classical music is exploding into a galaxy of wonderful new styles and expression. 

Tribeca New Music is dedicated to this new direction, to putting the public back in touch with the music of our time, and nurturing the development of thought-provoking, compelling new works by living composers.

Join us as we challenge, inspire, entertain, educate, and connect one another to the best of new American music.  

—Preston Stahly, artistic & executive director